SAFETY PLAN: Exhibitor Requirements -  CLICK HERE

Show Information

Sunday, June 6, 2021     9am - 3pm

June Floor Plan

Phoenix Convention Center - SOUTH Building
100 North Third Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004


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Rules and Regulations

1. Exhibits cannot exceed 8 feet in height. Exhibit items taller than 48 inches must be placed in the rear 3 feet of your booth.
2. Do not cover up Fire Extinguishers.
3. Sound pressure levels must be below 85 decibels, as measured at any edge of your booth. All speakers must be at the back
of your booth, facing forward. No sub-woofers and no microphones.
4. No cooking demonstrations.
5. Balloons must be air-filled only (no helium).
6. All outside fabric, not provided by the decorator, must be fire retardant. You must present the fire retardant certificate to the Fire Marshal during inspection.-Exhibitors must remain within the paid footprint of their booth while advertising their products/services. 
7. Anyone caught "selling" outside their designated booth space will not be receiving the Bride List.
8. Any cosmetic companies performing procedures need to submit proof medical licensing and a copy of the waiver they will be proving to customers onsite for Show Management approval before move in.

Please be in your finished booth for Fire Marshal inspection by 8:00 AM on Sunday morning. Be sure that you have the fire retardant certificate available for any outside fabric, not provided by the decorator, and all outside carpeting or flooring is taped
down and secured.

**The show will not open unless you are in compliance with the fire marshal regulations.

Please remove trash from your booth at the end of the show, and put it into the dumpster. If a mess is left at your booth, you will be charged a $100 clean up fee.

Show Decorator 


We partner with Modern Expo as our show decorator. They offer a variety of options such as carpet, furniture, and even booth rentals. Modern Expo can also help you with shipping and logistics!



Show Management does not supply booths with electrical services.

Electrical orders are done through the Phoenix Convention Center / Commonwealth Expo Electric.


Discount Deadline: TBD

Phone 602.721.8445
Fax 602.253.5530
Email: (Cathee) CCooper@commonwealthelectric.com


Please click here to purchase internet for your booth.

Internet is provided through

Smart City Wireless Services




You must enter through the East Garage either off of E Jefferson St (East bound) or Washington Street (West bound), both are one way streets.  South 5th Street will be closed to through traffic on Saturday, June 6th for Exhibitor move in and during move out hours on June 7th.  Once in the East Parking garage, you will be directed by Signage to drive through the ground floor (Westward) towards the convention center loading docks across the street from South 5th St. and into an available unloading space or slip (for large rentals/trailers/box trucks) appointed to you by the PHX Police Officers/Security on the street. 

*It is highly recommended that you cart your booth materials from your car if you do not need a dock. You can park in the East Garage and unload from there, walking over your materials.

Please remove your items quickly and place in your booth, grab an exhibitor badge, and then move your vehicle into the East Parking Garage or the South of Jefferson Parking Garage on 3rd Street. Parking is $5/day for exhibitors at the Jefferson Garage only, if you tell them you are with the Bridal Show and can show them an exhibitor badge. Please note large vehicles cannot be accommodated here.


Move In

Saturday, June 5th    9am - 5pm

Location – Loading Dock F & Dock G 
South Building, Phoenix Convention Center
Loading Dock Entrance on Fifth Street

If you are in room 1, you can use the "pull out: on 3rd street to UNLOAD ONLY.  There is no parking permitted there.

Please note that you may not leave your vehicle unattended on the dock or in the dock area. You may pull onto the dock to unload your car but you must park your car before setting up your booth. Unattended vehicles are subject to tickets and towing.




Move Out

Sunday, June 6th     3:01pm - 6pm

*Please note that tear down may NOT begin before 3pm. Exhibitors tearing down/moving out before show close will not receive the bride list.


Move In_Out - AZ Bridal Show


PERMITTED SAMPLES: You may pass out food or beverage samples ONLY if it is part of your business. For example, caterers or cake companies who are
sampling their own products.

NON-PERMITTED SAMPLES: You may NOT pass out food or beverage samples as traffic-builders to your booth. For example, a photographer may NOT pass out candyor cookies or bottled water. To sample, you must file separate forms with Maricopa County and with Aventura (Convention Center Caterer).


You must file ONE of these two forms with Maricopa County:

1. If you do NOT have a current, valid Maricopa County MOBILE Food Permit, you must apply for a “Temporary Food Service Permit.” Click the link to find the Temporary Event Permit Application: Mobile Food Permit

2. If you DO have a current, valid Maricopa County MOBILE Food Permit, there is no charge. However, you must submit the following
form, “Food Caters Operating at a Special Event Notification Form.” 


1. EVERYONE sampling MUST complete and fax the Authorization Request to Aventura at the Phoenix Convention Center, along with a
copy of your current, valid Maricopa County Mobile Food Permit OR your Temporary Food Service Establishment permit. Click the link to find the Aventura Sampling form: Aventura Sampling Form - Jan'20

2. Please bring a copy of your Food Handling Permit with you to the show.
Be sure to have a Hand Washing Station and follow all of the requirements – Maricopa County will be inspecting the bridal show.


Questions?  Please reach out to Maeghan Glynn:  Glynn-Maeghan@aramark.com

Exhibitor Badges

Exhibitor badges can be picked up by Loading Docks F and G at the South Building during move in, or at the main entrance once the show is open. We encourage those moving in on Friday to pick up their badge before they leave to avoid a line up before show open. One badge per person.


Liability requirements are $1,000,000 and we require a copy of your certificate of insurance sent to sarahm@mpeshows.com to keep on file. Please email only, do not mail.

We also require that we are listed on your policy as additional insured as Marketplace Events LLC. Our address is:

Arizona Wedding Show
Marketplace Events LLC
Travis Oaks
5113 Southwest Pkwy, Suite 140,
Austin, TX 78735, USA


Don't have an existing insurance provider? We partner with Hub Insurance. To get a quote, please reach out to

Danielle at danielle.folino@hubinternational.com


Trish at trish.sahlberg@hubinternational.com


Parking is available in the East Garage for $12/day (Height Restriction 7'10" - 48 ADA Spaces)

For more information click here.


Discounted Parking

J Street Garage offers exhibitors parking at $5/day with proof (exhibitor badge)! They are also one of the few parking garages that are proud to offer both credit card and cash payment options.

Located at 333 East Jefferson Street, the Jefferson Street Parking Garage is positioned between Jefferson and Jackson Streets and 3rd and 4th Streets. The primary entrance for event parking at the Jefferson Street Parking Garage is located on 3rd Street just south of Jefferson Street. To access the parking garage, go south on 3rd Street for Jefferson and the entrance for parking will be on the left side of the street.

For more information click here.



Planning to give out a prize? Great idea! Let us know about it and we'll post it on the website. Please fill out the form by clicking this link

Scam Alert!

Please click above to see information about companies contacting our exhibitors regarding scams.


We want you to get the most out of your exhibit experience and here are some tools that can help you. 


Want the Web Button for your website? 

COMING SOON and link it to the show website so people can do their research and buy tickets!



Get social with us!  Here is a social media image you can use on such platforms as Instagram.  Just be sure to tag us @AZWeddingShow and the show hashtag #AZWeddingShow21 #AZWS21


Booth Awards

Each show, the Arizona Wedding Shows award four exhibitors, for standing out from their competition and peers. The categories for the booth awards are listed below, accompanied by the criteria our panel of judges look for when selecting the winning booth and company. We value all of the hard work our exhibitors put in to create their displays and design their spaces and award those who go above and beyond to put their best foot forward.

Best In ShowRegardless of size, this booth displays the most unique display and design of any other in the show.
Best Large SpaceBest booth 400 square feet or larger
Best Medium SpaceBest Booth Between 150 - 300 square feet
Best Small SpaceBest Booth between 50-100 square feet
Things we look for:
• Meeting basic booth standards/expectations – height, signage, flooring, layout, etc 
• Full floor covering (no subfloor or concrete exposed) and quality of floor covering 
• Hard wall display (not mandatory but helps in the presentation of a professional display)
• Signage and signage quality
• No exposed studs or wiring (inside and outside booth)
• Paint and paint quality – taking the time to edge, tape seams, make the paint job look professional
• Wall quality – no visible damage
• Creativity and thought evident in booth design


CLICK HERE to learn our tips on how to make the most out of your show experience and build your business so you can keep business coming in show after show.