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Color Street

Color Street
Gilbert AZ
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Company Description:

Color Street is 100% nail polish strips for the perfect DIY Mani. No salons, no heating, no tools, no dry-time. Perfect for quick mani changes before events or holidays. We have a wide- variety of colors and shades, from solid colors, to glitters, to designs and french tips, theres something for everyone! We also are running an amazing promotion where you can Buy 3 sets, and Get 1 set FREE! Our nail sets range in pricing from $11-$14 for a full set which can be applied to fingers or toes! Each mani lasts up to approximately 14 days on fingernails and up to approximately 30 days on toes! You’re getting an amazing, long-lasting, salon quality manicure or pedicure at a fraction of the cost that you would pay in the salon!? Try them out today!

Color Street is frequently updating inventory, bringing in new trend styles, and retiring old ones. We have a New Fall/Winter Catalog and a New Spring/Summer Catalog that comes out every year! Be sure to request to be added to my mailing list, so that you can continue to receive these, long after the show is over!

Color Street has Season sets as well, that come out for every Holiday! Our next season set is our Valentines Day Collection which will be rolling out any day now!

Color Street is unique in that we have a Color Street Foundation, where every month we come out with a new Foundation Set to support a great cause. $2 from each set purchased will go towards a special cause for the month. Since starting the Foundation 2 years ago, the Color Street Foundation has been able to donate over $1.6MM to over 20 organizations that bring awareness various causes including Breast Cancer Awareness, Diabetes Awareness, Animal Cruelty Awareness, Military and Veteran Appreciation, Childhood Cancer, and Autism Awareness.

This January, the Color Street Foundation is pledging $150,000 in support of Epilepsy Awareness. We are honored to partner with three organizations – the Epilepsy Foundation, CURE Epilepsy, and the American Epilepsy Society – to fund research and provide treatment and support for patients and their families. Brave and Beautiful, a limited-edition nail design, will help to start the conversation and raise awareness.

Show Specials:

I offer two special promotions: 1) Buy 3, Get 1 DEAL on all Solids, Glitters, Designs, and Glitter-design sets ($11-$13 each, Free to mix and match!) 2) Buy 1 Get 1 DEAL on all Solid and Glitter French Tips ($14 each, Free to mix and match)

New Products

Color Street just launched our Amazing Valentine’s Day Collection, and will be launching Spring in the near future!

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