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Dinner 4 Two
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Dinner4two offers the best culinary products and services in the world! Based in Scottsdale, AZ and family run for over 10 years. We offer FUN/FREE cooking shows for couples! Cooking is an Act of Love and we are here to help you cook more at home! We will show you how to cook incredible healthy meals that you can share with your family, friends, and each other!

Dinner4two aims to make cooking a fun and easier experience! Our team of chefs have gone above and beyond to create a program of recipes that save on time and energy but that are not short on flavor! We use our professional grade equipment to show you how to become an expert cook in your own home. Most of our meals can be cooked in 20 minutes or less!

With Dinner4two, you can take a break from the hectic planning process of your special day and go out for a date night and let us do all the work! Working together and learning new skills can help you remember that your journey to the aisle is to be enjoyed! As a tribute to your upcoming nuptials, we offer fun free gifts as part of your wedding package!

As you plan your special day to get married, we hope you’ll accept our invitation to join us for an entertaining culinary demonstration that’s not only fun but also provides helpful cooking systems and methods!

We’ll show you how to pick out the perfect cookware and culinary tools for your lifestyle while helping you plan for your gift registry and wish lists. We’ll show you how to make great meals using less time, less energy and less fat, while retaining more vitamins, minerals, and flavor!

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